Webinar about responsive Juniper Booking Engine
Juniper Booking Engine responsive

What do offer?

  • Improve the SEO (natural placement on organic search engine results pages).
  • Optimize User Experience (UX).
  • It is a comprehensive design.

Differents Resolutions

Our new web pages are developed in four different sizes depending on the device in which they are viewed.

These four responsive web designs respond to the typical resolution of:

  • Desktop PCs and Laptop computers.
  • Small laptops / Horizontal view Tablets.
  • Vertical view Tablets.
  • Smartphones.

The secondary elements are adapted to smaller resolutions.

All important elements are preserved and change size depending on the different designs.

Each functionality is available in all resolutions.

Booking Engine adapted to all devices

What has improved in terms of user experience (UX)?

Booking Engine, better UX
  • The destination type is clearer in free text fields.
  • The passenger selector has improved for small devices.
  • The access box (login) are bigger and user-friendlier.
  • The summary of the search parameters appear in the Loading screen and in the results page.
  • The “Loading” screen includes manageable contents by the intranet CMS. In this screen, the user may view the offers, suggestions, comments, etc. related to the product that he/she is searching.
  • You may view the hotel list summary in a small map with the possibility of extending it.
  • You may check and view the cancellation policies in the hotel results.
  • The infinite scroll facilitates the navigation on the hotel results page.
  • The map view contains all hotels available in the search.
  • The map view in full size has a complete filter functionality.
  • Filtering new options:

    • Points of interest
    • Board types (Meal plans)
    • Services
  • Multicurrency.
  • Possibility of searching by destination or by hotel name.
  • Possibility of adding insurance during the booking process.

Other improvements

Other improvements that have been entered are focused on optimizing the organic positioning in search engines and page optimization:

  • Encryption improvements.
  • Loading time reduction.
  • Better use of the cache:

    • Loading time.
    • Navigation.
    • Filter application.
  • Integration with content suppliers.
  • User friendly URLs.
  • Google Label Administrator.
  • Microdata.
Booking Engine with loading time reduction


Business To Business

Agencies will be able to log in and make their bookings as per your agreed business rules, with commissionable or net rates.


Business To Consumer

End consumers will be able to access all their bookings from the private area.